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Meet Big Brother Canada’s Vivek Sabbarwal

vivek sabbarwal big brother canada season 12

Big Brother Canada returns for its 12th season on Tuesday, March 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global and STACKTV. The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to speak with contestant Vivek Sabbarwal before entering the house. Check out what Vivek had to say below!

What’s your name, how old are you, where are you from and what is your occupation?

My name is Vivek. I’m 25 years old from Saint John, New Brunswick, and I work as a software developer.

How familiar are you with Big Brother? When did you start watching?

I’ve been watching Big Brother Canada since I was little, so probably one of the very first seasons that came out. I must have been around 15 or 14, which is when I first started watching and I fell in love with the show so much that I couldn’t wait for another season!

I then started watching Big Brother U.S., U.K., Australia and even Bigs Boss in India. I really fell in love with the show and it’s a dream come true to be sitting here!

What made you want to try out for BBCAN? Was this your first time trying out?

This is my third time trying out for the show! I tried right when I turned 19 but didn’t get a callback! Tried again! Then again last year but didn’t make it very far. But this year, I tried again and here I am sitting in front of you. So, it’s a really proud moment!

Congratulations! What life experiences do you think will benefit you in the BBCAN house?

Some of the experiences that I’ve been through in my life, which has been one of a lot of hard work and discipline.

I’m part of the Canadian Armed Forces, so I have a little bit of a reserve background. I love discipline and hard work is instilled in me. While I was growing up, during my teenage years, I was in the Cadets as well. So, six years of that and then also the military.

Another big experience was probably when we moved from India to Canada. I was really young, and we left a really harsh lifestyle. When we came to Canada, we let go of everything we had back home. We started a brand-new life [here], [where I was] growing up in a motel room.

[Growing up like that] really teaches you discipline and being humble about the things you have in life. So, I’m going to bring that into the Big Brother Canada house.

And I love the game itself. I’ve seen so many seasons, and I think the knowledge that I have for the game is definitely going to help me in the game as well.

Would you be open for a showmance?

Absolutely! If I have to really, you know, use my flirtatious side to get an advantage in the game, I will without a doubt use it. There’s no doubt in my mind.

But, my main focus is really winning the $100,000.

What types of fellow houseguests would you see yourself aligning with?

I’m going to base it on the friends I have close to me.

A lot of people that I get along with are usually the jocks, the guys who are easygoing and real competition beasts! Those are the guys I kind of want to align myself with.

But then again, I still want to make sure that I get really close to the “goody two-shoes girls.” The girls who are laid back but know what’s going on as well.

I think those are the people that I see myself aligning with.

What type of people do you have trouble getting along with?

The people who are super technical, super detail-oriented, and who can’t relax. They’re always just like, “Oh, what’s going on?” People whose minds are always racing with things, and they’re always stressed out.

I always need to step away from those people and take a breather because they make me anxious.

Do you have a favourite player from BBCAN or BB U.S.?

Definitely! My favourite player of all time was Kevin Jacobs, who won BBCAN season 10. That guy, the way he played the game, was just admirable. He really downplayed who he was in the beginning of the game, and then at the end, he just showed his true colours. People started to notice, and when it came to the Final Two he gave that speech. It was bright!

I loved his whole gameplay!

Big Brother Canada Season 12 premieres Tuesday, March 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global and STACKTV.


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