Pretty Little Liars: The Rest is Still Unwritten

pretty little liars welcome to the dollhouse recap

pretty little liars welcome to the dollhouse recap

What a cop out!

We were promised a reveal and all we got was a name!

The Hills 2

For the last week, ABC Family and M3 has been promoting that A’s identity would be revealed before the credits rolled for the spring finale and halfway through the episode, Spencer discovered that “Charles” was behind everything.

Who is Charles?

Well, after the girls were charged as being accomplices in Mona’s murder, they were hauled off to jail, but not before “Charles” dosed the deputies driving the prison van with the date rape drug and took the girls hostage. Seriously, the date rape drug? So, you’re saying that “Charles” is a frat boy?

While held captive, the girls find themselves trapped in a dollhouse, but they weren’t the only dolls there.

Yes, ladies and gents. Mona is alive and kicking and being locked up in this house of horrors has made her think that she’s Alison. We all know that Mona was a little bit cray cray, but this time she’s way off the reservation. The girls want out, but A watching their every movement, they had to be extremely covert.

The manage to build a device to help them escape, only to realize they were trapped behind an electric fence, but not before Spencer discovered a video of a farm with two twin blond boys with their mom, who was holding a baby.


The farm in question: Campbell Farm. A place Mrs. Hastings used to take the girls when they were little. Hmm.. Campbell. Where do I know that name…


Who is ChArles? Is he Jason’s brother? What’s his connection to Alison? I WANT ANSWERS!!!

And we didn’t get them.

But we did get some other things.

The Hastings were finally told about A. After grilling Alison about the whereabouts of Spencer, Alison came clean and told them about A and how the drama didn’t stop once Mona was locked up in Radley. The Hastings took this new information and joined the teAm (Caleb, Toby and Ezra) in the hopes of finding the girls.

Also it was great to seeing Tanner finally go some good police work and actually listen to Caleb and not focus her entire investigation on the girls. For someone who is a detective, she’s awful at her job. Aren’t you supposed to rule out all other possibilities before you build a case against one suspect? She went all-in with the girls and never once thought that all their ramblings of someone framing them could be true.

And listening to Caleb worked. Tanner now believes that the girls are being tormented by someone when Caleb found the missing prison van and Toby found A lair… and that Mona was alive. Does this mean Alison is free and will she join the teAm and help find the girls or will she go back to her old tricks?

And will the girls be able to escape their prison?

The Hills 3

But will things ever get better.

In the end, I kind of felt a little betrayed. Yes the episode was amazing and a lot happened in the 44 minutes, but we never got what the hashtag promised: #BigAReveal. More like #BigATease.

The Hills

You know what you did ABC Family. You sucked me in and while I’m mad that I didn’t get answers, you’ve solidified me as a fan til the end, but let’s be honest, that was one hell of a finale.

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