Pretty Little Liars Recap: Orange is the new A

pretty little liars fresh meat recap

pretty little liars fresh meat recap

With Alison becoming the newest cast member of Orange is the New Black, she wanted Toby to pass the girls a message: to come visit her in prison. She claimed that her getting locked up was a mistake and she couldn’t protect the girls from behind bars. But when she was on the loose, was she even keeping the girls safe?

She threw Toby’s past prison stint in his face to remind how not so fun is in jail and it reminded me of this:

Toby PLL

RIP Du-rag Toby. I hope to never see you again.

Each girl was facing her own set of problems. Who would’ve thought that Alison being put in jail would makes matters worse for them? Oh wait Alison did.

Spencer and Caleb were freaking out because Toby discovered a knife from his family’s cabin (that Caleb stayed in) at Mona’s house. Was it planted by A? What was it doing there? Was it used to kill Mona? Spencer and Caleb wanted to destroy the knife because finding it could be the worst thing for them. After Toby put the knife back, Spencer and Caleb went and got it and destroyed it. If the knife didn’t exist, how would A use it against them? After four and a half seasons, you think these people would take into consideration that they’re playing checkers while A is playing chess. A is always at least three steps ahead and anticipating their every moment. That won’t be the last time they see that knife.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby’s relationship is hitting a rough patch. Getting Toby in Rosewood PD was cool at the beginning when he was digging for information to keep Spencer innocent, but now that she’s in the clear, he’s having a hard time walking the line of boyfriend and cop. Yes, he wants to help her, but he can’t truly know every thing she wants to do to protect herself and her friends. They’re always illegal and Toby knows that he can’t fully help her and I’m guessing he’s kind of mad that she doesn’t understand that.

As for Aria, she was being her usual annoying self. She was 100 percent sure that A was behind her getting rejected from ever college she applied to. Um.. Aria, all your other friends got in. If A was still messing with you guys, why would she only have you rejected and not everyone else? Something tells me that all that time panicking about killing Shauna and having Ezra beer goggles is what didn’t get you accepted. Turns out she put that into a “heartfelt” letter about letting a relationship get in the way of her future and she got in. Wait till Ezra finds out about that letter… because he will.

Hanna has a whole heap of problems. She was defending Holbrook to the girls and found a dead end and the possibility that the kiss shared between Holbrook and Alison was more than that and he’s probably hiding a lot more. Also, she walked in on her mom getting her groove back with Jason. Don’t be mad Hanna. Jason is a babe and your mother has had trouble in the love department. I’m not saying Jason is going to become your new dad, but let him be the Casper Smart to your mother’s JLo.

But the real question this season is: Is Alison really and truly A?

I don’t think so. As much as I would love her to be, Pretty Little Liars is known for throwing red herrings and then completely pulling the rug from out from underneath us. I’m hoping keeping her locked up will hopefully expose the great wall of secrets that she’s hiding and we got one. The night of Mona’s murder, Alison got a frantic text from Cyrus to meet him. When she went to go see him, she waited for him and he never showed up. Then she heard about Mona and she knew that A was setting her up.

But do we believe her? Only time will tell.


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