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TV Buzz: The Night Of, Fear The Walking Dead, Fuller House, John Cho

the night of series finale

the night of series finale

Spoiler Alert: I discuss the latest episode of The Night Of below

So Naz keeps doing dumb stuff on The Night Of and it shouldn’t surprise you that Vulture has compiled a list of all of it. I probably rolled my eyes the hardest when he shaved his head and tattooed “Sin” and “Bad” on his fingers. LIKE, REALLY? Oh and he smokes crack. LOL Jokes aside, he actually helped facilitate a murder in jail.

Although I rolled by eyes, I wasn’t disappointed when he kissed Chandra. Aw. But Chandra deserves better. Maybe if it were Naz 1.0. Not this dude. There’s only one episode left (Sunday at 9pm on HBO), so it won’t surprise me if they don’t wrap it up with all the answers that we’re hoping for.

How was Jason Marsden unavailable to return to Fuller House? Speaking of Fuller House, why hasn’t Marla Sokoloff reprised the role of Gia yet?

Ken Marino playing the new captain on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my weekly reminder to catch up. (Still on season two)

Maisie Williams is getting us pretty excited for the new Game of Thrones season…

Fear The Walking Dead came back this past Sunday night and honestly, I had no idea it was coming back last week until the day of. I still can’t get into it. this post perfectly explains why: I do not care about these characters — which is pretty key during the time of #PeakTV. I didn’t care about Nick — who ditched his family — trying to make it to Tijuana in his very own “Special Episode” or care about his daddy issues. You know what, I’m pretty sure I don’t care about Madison, Travis or Alicia either. I’m pretty sure I don’t care about Travis either. I do still care about Maggie and Glenn though.

A character I could care about could be this one that John Cho will play in a new series being developed at USA Network. Connoisseur is about a brilliant con artist who dupes the wealthiest, most powerful people in the country into paying millions for fake win, but his hustle forces him into a deadly bargain with an organized crime syndicate, puts him in the cross-hairs of the FBI, and unearths the details of a tragedy that fractured his family years ago in Korea. So why do I care about this character? Because he isn’t your token “brilliant” network TV white guy (ahem, Lucifer, all of CBS).



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