Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Veronica and Hamza (Double Eviction)

big brother canada exit interview veronica hamza

big brother canada exit interview veronica hamza

It was an intense hour on Big Brother Canada last night (March 29) thanks to a double eviction which first saw Veronica Doherty voted out, followed by Hamza Hatoum. We had the opportunity to chat with the latest evicted houseguests to find out what led to their evictions and the “sheep” mentality inside the house this season.

Veronica, you and Merron were voted into the house by the viewers after the premiere. Do you view coming in after everyone else as a disadvantage in the game?

Veronica: Absolutely. I thought that at the very beginning. Canada voted me in, which was amazing. I knew I had the fan side of it but I did not expect to walk into a full house in there. These people had a week before me to get to know each other and create bonds. By the time I got in there, every “get to know you” game had already been played. They didn’t really want to do that with me. So for the very first days of being in the house, half the people didn’t even give me the time of day. There was a two-week plan to get the newbies out. People decided that I was a target before the even had a chance to get to know me. But the third competition that I played in was the HOH that I won. I really think that it changed a lot of people’s attitudes towards me. But it was most likely all fake! But I do think it sort of lessened the impact that coming in late had in the beginning.

Who do you think orchestrated your nomination? Do you think Erica was alone in that decision?

Veronica: A little bit of Erica… A little bit of Hamza. A little bit of everybody! There are a couple of players in the house that I know are afraid of me and know that if I was in the position of power, they’d be going up. Those two people are Alejandra and Olivia! They are very close to Erica and no matter what I said or could have done, I’d always be a target in their minds because they probably would have been the first two people that I put up in the house based on their “mean girls” attitude that they gave me. Hamza is also very convincing. He has a very good way of making you see things his way without actually getting blood on his hands. So I’m sure he had a little bit of sway into it considering his best friend was on the block. Erica said to me that I was the only person she was 100% sure that she couldn’t beat in the comps. I’m sure she thought of this as a golden opportunity to get me out. Backdooring me had to be done because if I ever had a chance to play in the veto, there’s no way I’d be going home.8

I appreciate your honesty… Especially with Hamza sitting there right next to you.

Veronica: I’m happy he’s sitting here next to me right now!

Hamza: Aww, thanks! [Laughs]

Veronica: He was the person I was telling everybody that would be going home if there was a double tonight. The Big Brother gods have answered my prayers!

Hamza, there were a lot of tears inside that house but only Erica voted for you to stay. Talk to us about the “sheep” mentality in that house. Anytime someone makes a big move they are automatically the target. How is one supposed to actually play the game with these guys?

Hamza: I mean, if you wanna play the game with these people, you’ve gotta be a sheep yourself! Say “Baaah” and follow the crowd. But you know what, your boy couldn’t do that! I didn’t come in the house to not fly under the radar. I knew I’d always have a target on my back. I thought, maybe if I tried to manipulate a little bit, and do other things… But yeah, like you said, a lot of tears were shed when I walked out that door but I only got one vote. So what’s up with that?!

Anyone who was a little different than the other sheep… I’m talking Andrew, Rozina and yourself… You guys didn’t really fit that “popular clique.” What’s up with that this season? Anyone who is “different,” they want to get rid of.

Hamza: Yeah, I mean I don’t know what to say about that. Basically, anyone who had a different kind of taste in things was out. Those guys bonded over similar things. Some entered the house looking for a showmance. I came in having a fiancée, so it was different for me. People bonded with similar interests. Especially week one. But, I managed to turn that around in the following weeks and showed people my entertaining side. Everyone genuinely liked me in there. We were all a big family. At the end of the day, they are sheep and no one is really ready to go against someone who has made a big move. Last week, I wanted Jesse out and a lot of people liked him. A lot of people could have voted for him to stay. This week with Veronica, nobody wanted to vote for her to stay [either]. And then I was on the block and had all these relationships with people but in the end, I only got one vote. People are just afraid to go against the house. If Olivia is nominated, why are you afraid of Olivia?! [Laughs] So, you’re afraid of Olivia?

When do you think this is all going to end? When will these sheep start playing the game? What’s it going to take?

Hamza: I thought this would end after last week when I put up Jesse. I was hoping to divide the house. The vote was 9-2, I was hoping for a 7-4 or a 6-5. Even with Veronica, I was hoping for a divide, a 6-4… Something! And with me, it was another 8-1. I honestly think this is going to carry on a whole way because there are cliques of two everywhere and as soon as one of those cliques win, they’ll choose a target and they’ll put up the other person who’d vote for the other to stay and the rest are just going to follow the HOH. You can just see it… The rest are all just puppies, walking in and out of the HOH room all the time. I think I walked into that HOH room just once this week, and that was to say goodnight to Erica. That’s it!

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