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big brother canada derek kesseler exit interview

Big Brother Canada’s sixth season came to a close Thursday (May 10) night with Vancouver’s Paras Atashnak winning the final prize. Following the finale we got the chance to speak with Paras, second place Kaela Grant and third place Derek Kesseler.

In his interview, Derek chats about what he’s looking forward to seeing when he binge-watches this past season, how his showmance with Kaela will transition into the real world and what he thinks was his best move in the game.

You’ve confessed you’ve never seen the show before entering the house. Do you think you’ll watch your season?

Absolutely! I cannot wait to binge watch this season. It wasn’t that I had never seen the show, it’s that I had never seen a complete season. Before I went into the auditions, I did watch episodes here and there to get a grasp on what the game was about. I didn’t really know a lot about it, but I’m definitely going to binge watch this season as soon as I get home! I can’t wait!

Is there any moment you are looking to relive on TV?

Specifically, you get such a good feeling when you win. So, it’s going to be good to watch all those competitions that I won and get those feelings back. Being able to see all the times that I was able to win, I’m looking forward to seeing that, but also just in general to see everything that everyone had said about me throughout the game because I felt that my back was against the wall and I was a target throughout the whole game. I want to see what that was all about and what people said about me. I’m looking forward to it all, actually.

How will your relationship with Kaela transition into the real world? Is it more than just a showmance?

That’s a tough one. We had talked about if one of us was able to pull the win off… To win $100,000, we wouldn’t have to go back to work right away. We could take the summer off, go on a holiday or hang out in Vancouver or back in Saint John, where she’s at. I’ve got to head back to Vancouver for my real life and she’s got to head back to hers. We’re literally coast to coast from each other. I know we both really want to stay in touch. I know she wants to FaceTime me every day and just keep on talking. She’s still planning on coming out. She’s not leaving with empty pockets! She’s saying that she’ll come and visit in August and see where it goes. You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone, right? I think that will be the telling point.

Kaela told the jury that she molded you into the player that she needed you to be. how do you feel about that?

[Laughs] I feel great about that. What nobody knows is that I told her to say that. I literally was sitting in the red room and giving her all this information. I said, “If you make it to final two, these are the points you can use.” I didn’t have the chance to play in the final part of the HOH competition and win, I kind of felt like I was on the way out already, so I wanted to give Kaela the best chance to win. But she couldn’t do it because of the relationships she broke in the jury.

Had you won the final HOH would you have taken Kaela to the final two?

I absolutely would have taken her to the final two. I wanted to prove to everyone that in a house full of liars, the honest guy can still win. It’s one of those things where I worked the entire time with her and it would have made history for the first BBCAN showmance ever to make it to the final two. I wanted to be “that guy” and get it done. I had an amazing argument set up for when I was in the final two and I knew that my jury management was way better. Honestly, when I walked out of that house and took that final seat in the jury, I looked over to Will and he said, “Man if it was final two with you and Kaela, everyone was voting for you.” I knew that. I would have definitely taken Kaela to the final two and it would have been epic. Our showmance didn’t start on day 2 or week three, it started day one.

What was your best move in the game?

I think my best move in the game was winning the triple eviction and evicting Johnny. I knew how badly he wanted my showmance out. He wanted at least one of gone early in the game so he could work with the other one.

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