Big Brother 21 Exit Interview: Nick Maccarone

Will you ever be able to eat a taco again without ever having flashbacks to ‘Taco Tuesday’?! Do you think the confrontation with Christie that night helped send you to jury this week? 

LOL, yes I will be okay. In the grand scheme of things, it is just a game. It definitely did not help me, but she was going to blow up my game the next day in her campaigns, so I wanted to be able to defend myself.

When did you realize you were the one being evicted? Did anyone come and try to smooth things over with you? If so, do you think any of that was jury management?

Once Tommy told me that he had promised Christie his vote, I knew my chances were not good. I found out officially on Wednesday night that I was toast, but at that time I was at peace with my game. Tommy and Christie both tried to smooth things over with me, but I saw right past it.

While you may have understood why certain houseguests had to vote with the house, whose vote to evict disappointed you the most? 

Tommy. He betrayed me this week and was more of the reason I left this week than Christie.

Why do you think Tommy remained loyal to Christie? 

Tommy does what is best for his game. He is only loyal when it is convenient to him. Biggest predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and I should have seen that when he voted out Jack and Sis.

Who are you hoping wins the next HOH? Is that who you are rooting for to go far in the game? 

Nicole, so she can send out Tommy or Christie. I obviously want Nicole to go far in the game, but I hope Holly makes it to the end.

As a member of the jury, what would be the key characteristics you are looking for in terms of helping crown a winner? 

Best game play, best social game, competition wins, how they played when their back was against the wall, was their game play clean or dirty. I want to keep integrity.

What do you think was the most shocking moment this season so far? 

Cliff being strong armed by Christie during his HOH to put Bella up as the replacement nominee. At that point, he should have just made her use her power.

Which one of Zingbots zinged stung the most? 

Jackson’s was really rough. He can be a douche at times, but a majority of the time he actually is very genuine, caring, and sweet. That one was tough.

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