Big Brother 21 Exit Interview: Cliff Hogg


Did you really think that Michie would go against Holly to keep you?

Looking back, it sounds foolish to say, but yes. I did believe that. Michie and I, over the course of the season, have had many conversations about trust, integrity and the value of the handshake. And when I looked him in the eyes and shook his hand, I believed his word. Obviously, I am way too trusting.

How series was your threat to Michie about swaying the jury against him? Or was the just gameplay for him to keep you?

It was both. It was a strategy to get him to think about the consequences of sending me out the door. But if someone is evicted due to someone breaking that promise, it is fair play to take into consideration when casting your jury vote.

Are you rooting for Nicole to make it to the final two?

Absolutely. I would love to see Nicole and Holly in the final 2.

Who was the easiest person to connect with inside that house? Who was the hardest?

The easiest was obviously Nicole. We connected in the first week and worked well together the entire game. The hardest to connect with was Jack. He was very unsure of himself and very focused on his alliance members. I don’t think he cared as much to get to know the other people in the house.

Would you say you grew the closest to Nicole in the house?

She is the only person that I truly trusted in that house. But, I will also say that our shared love of the Big Brother game did bring me closer to both Christie and Tommy, although we never really worked together on the same side.

Apart from missing your family and loved ones, what was the hardest part about being in the Big Brother house?

I’ll give two. The first was the absolute disconnect from current events and the outside world. I am the person who is constantly reading the news and keeping up with current events, so it killed me to be cut off from the outside world. The second was the extreme amount of downtime we had in the house which I did not expect. When there’s nothing to do, everyone’s brains begin creating paranoia, confusion and stress.

What was your favourite moment this season?

It had to be day number 30. When I fought my way back into the house after being evicted and then, just a few hours later, I won HOH and took control for the week.

Big Brother will air this Sunday at 8 p.m. and the 90-minute finale is set for this Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 9:30 p.m. on Global in Canada and on CBS in the U.S. Canadians can watch episodes online at, through the Global Go app, and on demand.


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