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mark drelich big brother canada exit interview

Edmonton’s Mark Drelich was the seventh houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. We caught up with Mark following his Thursday (May 2) night eviction and before he went to the jury house to discuss how much of a blindside his eviction was, what he thinks was his biggest move was and what he hopes his reveal about Dane will mean for his former alliance members.

How much of a blindside was your eviction? Do you have any theories as to how or why they ended up going with Dane instead of you?

It wasn’t so much of a blindside because I was getting the gist during the week as Anthony was acting strange. He was acting one way with me the whole season and then one week [all of a sudden]he’s acting differently. I realized about Anthony’s game that it’s better if I’m evicted because if Dane stays, he’s like shield and Dane will most likely go up next, instead of him. So, it wasn’t a complete blindside. I was just hoping that Anthony didn’t pick up on that.

It was better for Anthony’s game to keep Dane. It was also better for Kyra’s game if they wanted to ensure $20,000 because right now what we have left in the house is Anthony, Dane, and Adam who are all clear contenders for $100,000 and Kyra’s on the other side, a contender for $20,000. Everyone’s going to be taking Kyra. That’s just how it’s going to be. With me in the house, it was just a lot of blurred lines. I could have possibly won $100,000 or $20,000 – so, it’s better for Kyra that I left that house.

Adam mentioned to you in his goodbye video that you didn’t really campaign for his vote. Was that because you thought you’d be safe?

No, I already knew that Adam’s mind was made up. Adam is a freak of nature. I love the guy, but he’s made of different stuff. He was so dead set on keeping Dane because of the love they had for each other. This is not a normal season. This has never happened before. A strong guys alliance going all the way to the end… This is not a normal season where people backstab half-way through. We made it all the way to the end and that’s because of the sacrifices that each person [in the alliance]made. Adam and Dane in a normal season should have taken shots a long time ago.

They were like the Soviet Union and America, who kept building up arms but never shot at each other. There really wasn’t any big play. Look at the double eviction… Eddie went out during the double eviction! That’s not a big play and it could have been Dane or Adam. But they probably realized how good it would work out for them if they didn’t take shots at each other.

Looking back, was there a move you could have made to guarantee your safety?

Probably not. Anthony had his mind made up and he has Kyra wrapped up around his finger about how he didn’t want me to stay. Anthony tried to spin it about trust, but it wasn’t that. My time had come and it was just an unfortunate set of circumstances.

The worst killer in that house is time and when you have time to think, that’s the worst thing ever. A move I could have made during my HOH was to put up Dane and Damien. If Damien had taken himself off, which we saw that he could, then I could have put up Adam and those two would have backstabbed each other. It would have given me a lot of respect. But then there was the secret assassin, so I didn’t really have an HOH… 

What do you think was your biggest move in the game?

I would say campaigning to take out Maki. I believe I played a large part in him leaving the house. Maki was a very powerful person in regard to the competitions, but I had no idea where his head was at.

Who were you the most loyal to? And who do you think had your back the most?

I wasn’t loyal to anyone at the beginning, aside from the Pretty Boys, on paper. But once I went on the block, it really woke me up to the “Part 2” of my game. The game was getting a whole lot real and Anthony was the one who really looked out for me. My loyalty was with him.

Who do you think is the most well-positioned player in the house right now?

I would say, just because when it comes down to crunch time and you need to save yourself by winning a competition… Adam.

How are you hoping your reveal about Dane wanting to put up Sam will go about? Do you really think it will hurt Dance’s chances?

Absolutely not. They’ll get over it. That was drama just for TV. Well, hmmm. Adam’s nuts…[Laughs] He might not take that the right away. He’s infatuated with Sam. It’s insane because they’ve only known each other for 41 days. It’s like, woah. I still don’t think so though… That’s why I didn’t share that information before. This information wouldn’t work in a campaign. It didn’t matter in my mind. I just wanted to throw that last little sting as I left the house.

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