Big Brother Exit Interview: Alyssa Lopez

alyssa lopez big brother exit interview
alyssa lopez big brother exit interview

Alyssa Lopez is the second houseguest to be evicted on Sept. 9th’s double eviction episode. We spoke with Alyssa to find out who she would have taken to the Final 2, why she felt disrespected by Kyland and why she wouldn’t vote for Azah in the end.

Do you think that Xavier was working with anyone else in the house?

I would be stupid to think that Xavier wasn’t working with anyone else in the house except myself. I mean, I was trying to make a Final 2 with Hannah. I do think that he had a lot of good connections in the house, I could really see him having a Final 2 with Kyland as well.

You mentioned you’d take Xavier to the Final 3, but who would you have taken to the Final 2?

I genuinely wanted the Final 3 to be me, Hannah and Xavier. I would have taken Hannah to the Final 2. That’s why I honestly feel that her HOH was a complete waste because I was never going after her.

Who do you hope doesn’t make it far in the game and why?

I kind of hope that Kyland doesn’t make it far. Honestly, sometimes he doesn’t talk to whoever is on the block in a respectful way and right before I left, I felt that same reaction.

Azah, also. I think she’s doing game moves that are helping the house and she’s not thinking of her personal game moves and I don’t see her as a strong competitor that I would vote for in the end.

Who do you hope does make it far in the game and why?

I hope that Xavier makes it far in the game. He’s not just my friend but honestly, he’s very loyal and I respect his gameplay. I think a lot of people respect it as well.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global and CBS. The episode airing on Thursday, Sept. 16, will be 2 hours and will feature another double eviction.


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