Big Brother Exit Interview: Claire Rehfuss

claire rehfuss big brother exit interview
claire rehfuss big brother exit interview

Claire Rehfuss was the first houseguest to be evicted on Sept. 9th’s double eviction episode. We had a chance to speak with Claire to see if she managed to do any campaigning to stay in the house, if she thinks there’s a larger alliance in the house, and who she hopes ends up playing the game harder.

You were so understanding and respectful of Tiffany’s decision, but did you campaign in any way to stay or did you think that rest of the house was definitely going to vote you out?

Yes, you probably didn’t see it because it was a Double Eviction, but I did campaign hard. I campaigned hard to Azah and Kyland. I didn’t really have to campaign to Hannah, but I did campaign to Derek F as well.

I was trying to make deals where I tried to promise people that I wouldn’t vote for them or turn on anyone. I campaigned as hard as I possibly could and had a lot of long conversations in the past 24 hours, trying to get myself out of this mess.

They weren’t successful, but I was hoping that, potentially, something could have happened where I could be saved. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up happening.

Tiffany mentioned she made a deal not to put up Derek F, Kyland, Azah and Hannah. Do you think it’s a lot more than just a “deal”?

I don’t necessarily think that there’s an alliance. Or, I think maybe an alliance where it’s like “Hey! Let’s look out for each other’s game,” might have been created in the very first week. I think that’s very likely, actually.

But, I also know all these people and I think there are a lot of cracks and fractures, and a ton of mistrust between them! I don’t think it’s anything formalized. I have a hunch that it’s just a “Hey! Let’s look out for each other in this game.”

Who do you hope doesn’t make it far in the game and why?

I hope that Kyland doesn’t make that far, partially because when I was campaigning to him, he would just shut me down! It was very annoying, but that’s a personal reason and not a game reason.

I hope that Xavier doesn’t make it that far because if he leaves, then a lot more people have a shot at the end. I think that is more interesting and more complex than someone just steamroll their way to the end.

Who do you hope does make it far in the game and why?

Of course, I am hoping that Tiffany and Hannah make it far because they are my girls and I’m rooting for them! I hope that they have what it takes to make it to the end. I want to vote for them. There’s a lot of game left to be played, of course, but I just absolutely adore them and want to be successful.

I also love Azah, but I also hope that she starts playing the game hard and that she really enables me to root for her in the game.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global and CBS. The episode airing on Thursday, Sept. 16, will be 2 hours and will feature another double eviction.


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